• Cattelan Litro coffee table
  • Cattelan Kitano coffee table
  • Cattelan Skorpio dining table
  • Gamma Herman sectional sofa
  • Zanotta Reale dining table
  • Cattelan drop wall unit
  • Cattelan Venezia ceiling lamp
  • Cattelan Amadeus bed
  • Cattelan Magda stool
  • Cattelan Loft bookcase
  • Zanotta Maggiolina lounge chair
  • IL Loft Super Roy sofa
  • Cattelan Vita dining chair
  • Presotto Italy Comp. 510 wall unit


The shift from the traditional, and typical antique style furniture that is found in Boston, is moving fast and being replaced with sleek, modern, and more fashionable furnishings. Situated in the affluent Back Bay neighborhood is IL Décor, Boston’s downtown newest showroom displaying European and Italian furniture for every room in your home, office and outdoor space. IL Decor brings you elegant, modern, stylish, yet practical pieces envisioned by famous European designers and craftsmen.


  • IL Loft - Passionate About Beauty and Innovation as the Pillars of Each Design

    Provocative aesthetics and arresting colors have been lifelong muses of furniture designer Giorgio Saporiti. Passionate about beauty and innovation as the pillars of each design, Giorgio Saporiti presents his haute couture line of furniture; IL Loft. Well known for a unique and humorous style, IL Loft Concept was born with the abilities to understand consumer’s needs and the demands of a continuously evolving world. This is achieved by being highly customizable, IL Loft designs can be found in celebrity homes to hotels. IL Loft Concept goes beyond just a customized sectional or sofa for a living room. Concepts and designs spread to the Dining Room, Bedroom, Office, and Outdoor Furniture where the imagination of Giorgio Saporiti introduces materials, visually pleasing color combinations and forms that have yet to be seen.

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  • Zanotta - One of the Most Acclaimed High-end Italian Furniture Designers of Our Time

    One of the most acclaimed high end Italian furniture designers of our time, Zanotta Design Company has a story filled with passion, innovation and achievements. Like a map, the story of Zanotta documents their rise to success and fame. When Aurelio Zanotta launched the industrial furniture design Company Zanotta, it was 1954 in a township called Nova Milanese in northern Italy where the doors of the company first opened. Little did anyone know that Zanotta was on the brink of starting a revolutionary period within the Italian furniture design industry. Beginning with the production of mostly sofas and armchairs, the 1960’s brought on a creative wave of experimentation with technology as well as unique scales and proportions in furniture design. The designs from this decade catapulted Zanotta into global recognition. By 1989 the premiere collection Zanotta Edizioni was released and art lovers rejoiced. The Qualty Industrial Furniture Zanotta introduced to the world was beyond any furniture of its time. Most pieces from this first collection were made by hand and seen as magnificent works of art.

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  • Fjords Hjellegjerde, Norway A Foundation Of Family Values And Furniture Elegance

    Over seven decades ago amidst the Fjords region of Norway, two brothers filled with enthusiasm, creativity, and adventure shared a mutual vision and made the decision to embark upon a small business together designing and building high quality furnishings for the home. Growing up within a household bound by an unbreakable thread of family kinship, Otto and Mindor Hjellegjerde applied their unwavering ideals and tenacity to their craft creating exquisite pieces of history that would outlast most and give other families a sense of warmth, harmony, and sophistication. With the inevitable addition of their other brother Ingvald, whose artistic contribution proved to be invaluable – this trio of Artisans went on to develop their basement-born furniture shop into a large scale contemporary furniture business. As with any professional endeavor, the Hjellegjerde brothers learned a few profound lessons through a series of trials and tribulations. However, they did not allow any obstacles to hold them back for any length of time and eventually, they became an international furniture phenomenon poised with business savvy, a stronger resolve, and the captivating new name of Fjords.

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