Provocative aesthetics and arresting colors have been lifelong muses of furniture designer Giorgio Saporiti. Passionate about beauty and innovation as the pillars of each design, Giorgio Saporiti presents his haute couture line of furniture; IL Loft. Well known for a unique and humorous style, IL Loft Concept was born with the abilities to understand consumer’s needs and the demands of a continuously evolving world. This is achieved by being highly customizable, IL Loft designs can be found in celebrity homes to hotels. IL Loft Concept goes beyond just a customized sectional or sofa for a living room. Concepts and designs spread to the Dining Room, Bedroom, Office, and Outdoor Furniture where the imagination of Giorgio Saporiti introduces materials, visually pleasing color combinations and forms that have yet to be seen.

Super Roy Sectional

Take a closer look into the transformations IL Loft Concept performs. The Living Room tends to be prime real-estate for family and friends to gather. With tons of sofa and sectional models to choose from, there is no reason to be stuck with typical seating arrangement ever again. Striking angular arms are a staple in many of Saporiti’s designs such as the Super Roy Sofa, Fly Sofa, Leonard Sofa and Maxim Lama Sofa. The blade-shaped arms give the model a futuristic style which works perfectly with Mid-Century modern designs. A space that calls for softer lines will find IL Loft has models such as Rodi Semicircolare Sectonal, Super Roy Sofa, Star sofa, Zoom Sofa and Ginny Sofa all with rounded structures. The curved backs are visually contrasting to the overlapping back cushions IL Loft also made famous, shown with Super Roy Sofa, Ted Sofa, Regency Sofa and Flower Sofa. Sectionals like the Galaxy Sectional, Mercury Soft Sectional and Planet Sectional are designed to maximize seating while remaining simple. Unique coffee tables compliment every sofa and sectional. Doral Coffee Table and Day Coffee Table are 3 separate tables with mixed types of wood which come apart or can be joined into an organic form. Minimalist can rejoice with coffee tables such as Last Coffee Table, Ruthy Coffee Table, and Time Coffee Table which are made from carved wood. IL Loft Concept offers a range of Coffee Tables, from complex forms to effortless additions to balance a sofa or sectional.

Super Roy Sofa

Before retiring to the living room, the dining room is center stage for family and friends. IL Loft has Dining Tables which will evoke a sense of excitement for the night to come. IL Loft offer dining tables that are filled with brilliant colors such as Square Dining Table with interchangeable table top squares. Dill Dining Table brings color into a space with its base, made from Venetian stucco. The textured concrete is available in a choice of colors and graffiti art. Neutral color lovers will enjoy the Alpha Dining Table with geometric legs in different tones. Other neutral dining tables by IL Loft are the Olympic Dining Table, Geox Dining Table and Vancouver Dining Table. John Dining Table will bring style to any dining room with its multilayered laminated edging and wood or chrome plated base. Dining Chairs by IL Loft range in styles to balance each Dining Table. Agatha Dining Chair, Laura Dining Chair, Luis Dining Chair and Miki Dining Chair are designed to have a weightless appearance. A slender metal base and seat make these models a great partner to an intricate table. Elaborate chairs like Tango Dining Chair, Mambo Dining Chair, Folk Dining Chair, and Ciak dining chair have geometric floral structures for their backs. Stepping into a dining room by Giorgio Saporiti, it is clear that his artistic traits are deeply rooted throughout all of his designs.

IL Loft Concept has created beds from dreams which can be seen in the Constellation Bed, Iride Bed, Wing Bed, Felix Bed and Airobe Bed. Both round and square beds are composed of headboards mixed with joyful colors and shapes creating a unique style and making each bed a focal point. Night Stands by IL Loft are stunning on their own but partnered up to the perfect bed is a dream come true. Max Night Stand flaunts several types of materials with carvings of sharp geometric shapes displayed on its front drawer. IL Loft also has Park Night Stand, Point Night Stand, Tower Night Stand and Ruthy Night Stand which all have multiple surfaces and compartments to hide clutter. The varying dimensions become an architectural feature, while Wing Line Night Stand, Accedema Night Stand, and Dade Night Stand have simple forms and interesting materials. Going to the office will never feel the same after IL Loft Concept has been invited in. Giorgio Saporiti’s Desks will inspire when the work day seems to be endless. With designs like Olympic Scrivania Desk, John Scrivania Sagomata Desk, Mirak Scrittoio Desk and Haki Scrittoio Desk contrasting patterns and interesting dimensions will awaken the senses just as the entire collection of IL Loft does. The skill of blending luxurious materials and colors has been a feature which elevates IL Loft to another level. Geox Scrivania Desk, Riga Scrivania Desk, Accademia Tavolo Desk and Chicago Desk consist of earth tones with a mix of textures and patterns as well. IL Loft Concept has a style which can be only identified with Giorgio Saporiti yet the flexibility of finishes allows an individual to weave their own personality onto each piece as well.

Understanding the latest trends in fashion and design has always been important to Giorgio Saporiti. IL Loft Concept is a reflection of that. Having every part of the manufacturing process finished in Italy where they combine handmade and machine made products together is important as well. This is achieved by studying and searching for the best quality materials and the optimal techniques for manufacturing. But the desire to comprehend client’s needs and wishes is the fuel which keeps Saporiti inspired to design for IL Loft.