Kebe started to produce high end furniture over thirty years ago in Denmark,  using cold cure foam molding, primarily chairs and recliners. Cold cure foam is high density, and enables cushions to me manufactured in different shapes using molds. This molding process gives foam an outer “skin” which prevents air from escaping and helps keep the shape in which the foam is molded. Kebe has specialized in this process and this has enabled them to offer the best quality furniture at reasonable prices.

Kebe’s chairs offer many functions that include swivel bases, built in adjustable neck supports, stepless – built in footstools, and reclining seat/and back adjustments that adapt the chair to your body. The inside frames of Kebe’s chairs are ergonomically shaped and designed to adapt to the posture of your body, and to give optimum comfort by covering the frame with the molded foam. Kebe also uses no sag springs that will never flatten out. Kebe’s designs are current and modern and will be sure to fit in many modern interiors.

The Baron chair, based on famous mid century modern lines, is one of Kebe’s most popular and newest designs. This swivel chair has a gas pneumatic reclining system and is adjustable in height and neck. The wooden shell is available in walnut or light oak. The Baron chair is sure to give the classic Eames lounger some healthy competition.




Another great design from Kebe, showcasing their talent with the cold cure foam technology is the Lilly chair. This unique swivel chair is the perfect occasional chair for any room in the house. The molded foam design incorporates the arms and back into one seamless shape. It is available in several fabric and leathers and base finishes.





Regardless of gender or age, today’s furniture buyers make mindful choices when it comes to their interiors-Kebe continues to provide cutting edge designs, material and colors that are always ahead of the latest fashion and interior design trends.